Is It Normal to Feel Pain After a Thai Massage?

It's normal to feel some pain after a massage. After stimulating muscles that you don't usually use, you may experience delayed onset muscle pain. This is a physical response to inflammation as the body heals. Swelling and discomfort usually last from a few hours to about a day and a half.

The same things that are done to treat sore muscles after exercise can help relieve pain after a massage. Massage doesn't have to hurt to be effective. Many massage therapists are trained in multiple techniques that vary in pressure and time. If a technique doesn't seem therapeutic to you, but simply feels like pain, please say so.

We may be able to detect a problem area, but we can't feel the intensity of its pain response. In addition, tell your massage therapist about your medical history, medication changes, allergies, and recent illnesses. Each of these factors can influence the massage techniques used and the body's response to them. Communication with your therapist will bring you the most benefit from your massage.

Our main goal is to help you feel better. Have you ever felt pain after a Thai massage? Find out why and how to feel better with a massage therapist. I felt looser, freer and very stretched, and my only regret was that I didn't try Thai massage sooner. However, some people are often apprehensive about receiving a deep tissue massage when they learn that there may be some pain or discomfort during the process.

For most of the massages I received on my trip to Thailand, I wore loose-fitting clothing provided by the spa, instead of going completely naked as I do during deep tissue massages. Komparaj was Buda's personal doctor, which makes sense because Thai massage is closely related to Buddhism, explains Lapatrada Pittayakorn, director of the Nitra Spa & Wellness spa at 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok, one of the hotels where I stayed during my trip. When receiving a Thai massage, sometimes it can be so painful that you doubt if this massage session will cause you more harm than good or not. First of all, you should understand that Thai massagers normally use their hands and elbows to put pressure on your body.

Thai massage made my muscles feel looser and, after a handful of them, I felt that I could move more freely and with a better range of motion. So, that's why Thai massage can be painful sometimes because massagers need to apply firm pressure to contracted muscle tissue. Among the many differences between Thai massage and Swedish (or oil-based) massage is the use of sinking pressure versus sliding pressure. Generally speaking, pain is simply a positive side effect of the massage being successful in relieving all the annoying knots and muscle tension.

Some research suggests that after intense exercise, massage may help alleviate delayed-onset muscle pain (DOMS) and improve muscle performance. As it happens, you're less likely to feel pain after a Thai massage (when done correctly) than with oil-based massages.

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