Can Massage Help Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite?

Massage isn't a cure for cellulite, but it can temporarily improve the appearance of the skin and make cellulite less noticeable.


has many health benefits, so it may be worth adding to your wellness regimen. Regardless of the massage technique applied, the main purpose of anti-cellulite massage is to disperse fat deposits and stimulate the tissues that surround cellulite formations, stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic functions. If you want to relax before a beach vacation and money isn't a problem, Graf suggests that you get a massage the week before your trip.

Fascial manipulation is a type of manual massage treatment that is normally used to relieve pain, according to Northern Edge Physical Therapy. It is impossible to massage the back of the thighs and buttocks, where most of the cellulite is usually found. All lymphatic vessels flow to the heart, where they pour their contents into the large lymphatic ducts, so the massage is performed in movements towards the heart. Therefore, a subcutaneous adipose tissue massage is more for overall health than aesthetics.

He said that even a good massage or a technique such as dry brushing or foam laminating could provide some benefits in treating cellulite, “but that doesn't mean it helps in the long term. Pressotherapy offers an effective massage for lymphatic drainage and increased circulation, as good or better than MLD or deep tissue massage. The study concluded that regular use of a personal fascial manipulation massage tool, which is a low-cost alternative to invasive surgeries and luxury creams, may be effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Learn how to do an anti-cellulite massage that will firm your skin and help eliminate unnecessary fat stores.

The deep fascia is a good area for an osteopath or sports massage therapist to work on, but it has nothing to do with cellulite. There is some evidence to suggest that massage may help reduce the appearance of cellulite, although this is limited. Yes, the cellulite layer will be affected a little and yes, part of the circulation will increase, as with all massages. It won't make the waves go away completely and is more effective in cases of mild to moderate cellulitis, but the more often you get the massage, the better it works and the longer the results will last.

Some therapists use a plastic suction cup, squeeze out the air by pressing on the cup, and then perform vacuum massage. It should be noted that this study looked at effects of a specific brand of personal massage tools and test group was quite small. Normally, a massage starts from feet and goes up all over body to increase blood flow through peripheral veins and capillaries of circulatory system.

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