Is Thai Massage Meant to be Painful?

But as soon as you tell your therapist that you're feeling some pain, the pressure will drop right away, Pittayakorn says.

Thai massage

can be an effective, non-pharmaceutical means of reducing back pain. At this point, it is wise to make a humble assessment of your flexibility and your overall health. Thai massage, like certain forms of yoga, is always challenging, often painful, and sometimes paralyzing.

A friend of mine once attended a school meeting while lying in bed due to a masseuse who had caused her back to be in a state of distress. The word pain, if it comes to that, is jep. The fact is that Thai massage lends itself to a strong application because it involves a lot of stretching that can easily be exaggerated. It also uses your elbows, knees, and even your feet, and unless the therapist is very sensitive, that can also cause pain.

It may seem strange that something known to be unpleasant at work is used to relax and relieve pain. Massages are not meant to hurt. However, they can occasionally occur if the technique is inadequate. My personal experience has been that when I ask a Thai massage therapist to work through a difficult situation, they often simply push harder and use their elbows to go deeper.

The wrong type of massage treatment can be difficult to eliminate chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, or lupus. Some clients and even massage therapists believe that pain is part of therapy and must be endured in order for it to benefit. Like Thai food, its massage is so appreciated by visitors that courses are offered on its techniques. The pain caused by this type of massage is often caused by the release of chronic muscle tension.

When receiving a Thai massage, it can sometimes be so painful that you doubt whether this massage session will cause you more harm than good or not. I had been receiving Thai massages for 10 years, but this was far away in the area of pain: all of my elbows and forearms. In a Thai massage, the therapist will use the feet, knees, fingers, and elbows to apply pressure to the body. But this has nothing to do with Thai massage as a therapeutic system, but only with the way it is applied.

One of the most appealing aspects of massage therapy is the sense of calm and relaxation it can provide. The second word is “bao bao” which means “softer and softer”; when you say “bao bao” the massager will know that it is getting too strong for you. If you want to improve your mobility, the release of the fascia and the stretching of the whole body, you may consider doing a Thai massage session. Enjoy a Sen Harmony at SenSpa in the New Forest or an inspirational So Sen jasmine massage in Thai Square.

If the therapist exerts too much pressure it could damage the tissue and cause discomfort during the massage and also afterwards. I received my first Thai massage in Thailand and I was surprised by the paradox of a very small and servile therapist who suddenly had the strength of The Rock and the sadism of The Red Queen.

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