How Often Should You Get a Thai Massage?

If you're looking to improve your health, reduce stress, and relax tense muscles, scheduling a Thai massage once a month is a good recommendation. However, if you're looking to treat a chronic condition such as migraines, neck and back pain, it's best to start with more frequent Thai massage sessions and then slowly decrease the frequency of visits as the muscles lengthen and relax. For overly tight muscles, biweekly visits for four to six weeks is recommended. If you have an acute condition such as muscle strain or spasms, weekly Thai massages for four to six weeks is advised.

After that, with self-care, you can reduce the number of visits to a maintenance program that's right for you, usually once a month. When receiving a Thai massage for the first time, some pain may be experienced but it will go away the next day. During the massage, you'll stay fully clothed in comfortable clothing that can easily stretch. After the massage, you'll feel relaxed and have more flexibility and range of motion.

But how often should you get a massage? Is getting too many massages bad for you? There is no medical or scientific evidence that it is possible to receive too many massages. However, if you're looking to get the most out of your massage experience, it's best to find a certified massage therapist who has been trained in Thai massage techniques such as reflexology, facial massage, herbal compresses, tok-sen, hot stone massage and wool stretching. Overall, Thai massage is an excellent way to improve your health and reduce stress. With regular visits and self-care practices in between sessions, you can enjoy the benefits of Thai massage for years to come.

Florence Baird
Florence Baird

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