How Often Should You Get a Thai Massage?

There are no hard and fast rules for how often a person should receive a Thai massage. It's important to incorporate daily maintenance routines that include stretching and relaxation techniques to stay flexible for a long time after the massage. People should also listen to their bodies and get a massage whenever they need to relax and treat chronic pain. Thai massage is a more expensive technique, but it's quite effective.

The only contraindication is that if the patient has cancer, massage can promote tumor metastasis. It's important to make sure that the masseuse is properly qualified and trained in order to avoid any potential risks. Recently, a Canadian woman suffered a stroke after visiting a chiropractor for a neck adjustment. Daily massage is great if you can afford it, but as you get older, it's recommended to reduce the frequency to once a week or even less.

Professional athletes receive massages almost immediately after each sporting event they participate in to maintain the optimal level of performance in the following days. Muscles that are vigorously exercised need attention immediately afterwards, including stretching and massaging; otherwise, they will harden, build up excessive amounts of lactic acid and cramps. It's important to find an experienced and well-trained masseuse in order to get the best results from your massage. Oil massage has become more popular in Thailand in recent years and it's not as stressful as traditional massage. Two pairs of hands for 150 baht can be great if you get the right one.

Florence Baird
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