The Addictive Power of Massage: Why It's So Hard to Resist

The feeling of euphoria that comes with receiving a massage is undeniable. The release of endorphins and other hormones sends a response to our brain and other body systems in this type of surge and, ultimately, this can make us feel truly happy. This type of feeling is very natural and can be quite addictive. It has been proven that massage can be addictive because it is a connection between mind and body. It all started for me after my long-term girlfriend and I separated six years ago.

I was looking for instant gratification and found it in the massage room. I didn't even have to ask for it. It was so transactional that I thought it was harmless. The bottom line is that massage cannot become physically addictive. A weekly massage also cannot harm the body in the long term.

You don't develop a drug addiction when you get massages. Even with the release of endorphins and other hormones, they're completely natural to the body and aren't something you can become addicted to. Watertown psychologist Joel Ziff, a sexual addiction therapist who has worked with hundreds of men, says that illicit massage parlors are a gateway to other forms of commercial sex because they appear safer and are less expensive than other forms of prostitution. Unfortunately, in this case, massage has caused a reliance on massage to feel better. It can also release stress from your system, so you can feel more energized and alert after receiving a massage and it can also help relieve headaches and migraines. I have to admit that it's easier not to know the real life circumstances of these women who work in massage parlors. It could be a tradition they grew up with, or maybe a spiritual epiphany while they continued to receive and give the massage.

A study conducted in American Psychologists showed that people who received a short chair massage at rest, instead of resting, performed significantly better on complicated tasks, such as math problems. Many people get massages to help cure their conditions, but unfortunately they end up becoming addicted to the process. About 11 percent of sex buyers said their recent paid sexual transactions were in massage parlors, according to a recent demand abolition study. After years of massages, I finally had to admit that maybe I needed to get away from the extreme pleasure that the massage seemed to provide. This is why people who receive regular massages will find that they have more energy, sleep better and, overall, are in good health. There's nothing in the massage that seems to calm me down, regardless of how good the massage therapist is. There is no specific reason why massage can be addictive because it has positive effects on both the mind and the body, but there are certain situations where getting a massage can be very dangerous.

Even if you just need to feel better because of a recent health problem, getting a massage can help cure chronic back pain or any other condition you may have. If the therapist is not aware of these mechanisms and stops them before they occur, a weekly massage can become an “addictive” and unhealthy experience for the client. A person can fall into a pattern of addiction to massage in which they have developed a spiritual relationship with this energy. Mall massage parlors have become commonplace in many communities, but they have been under new scrutiny since charges were filed against NFL team owner Robert Kraft.

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