When is Massage During Pregnancy Not Recommended?

Massage during pregnancy can be a great way to relax and improve circulation, but there are certain times when it should be avoided. During the first three months of pregnancy, massages can cause dizziness and increase morning sickness. Many prenatal massage therapists don't accept clients until the second trimester of pregnancy, as the first trimester carries a higher risk of miscarriage. Additionally, deep massages and heavy pressure on the legs should be avoided, as they can put a pregnant woman at risk of blood clots forming in the lower legs.

It is safe for pregnant women to get massages even regularly in the second and third trimester, as long as they don't have health problems that prevent it. The best position to get a massage during pregnancy is to lie on your side, rather than on your stomach. Before scheduling a massage, visit your doctor and follow specific guidelines to protect you and your baby. Look for a massage therapist through one of the national associations that train and certify massage therapists.

It's best to avoid massaging your abdomen completely, unless you feel that your body can fully support it and your doctor gives you the go-ahead. From a quick shoulder massage to a full body massage, massage during pregnancy can be a wonderful tool to help you feel more unified and based on your pregnancy experience.

Florence Baird
Florence Baird

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